Minor stability patch

Hi guys, I've spent the day smashing out lots of of bugs that have been hanging around for months and have opted to release an update focusing on bug fixes rather than wait potentially another week for more content and mechanics. In this update I have:

-Fixed a bug where text isn't expanding in the ship builder
-Fixed a bug where you'd get a constant stream of mood modifier numbers show up in the ship builder
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't select ship categories in the ship builder past the initial building of your ship. 
-Fixed flickering seat icons when you're zoomed out
-Fixed weird looking fighter/bomber healthbars (This is an old one) 
-Fixed a weird bug where left clicking on laser ships destroys them
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't easily see mood modifier numbers in the star map

On top of last update in which I ported to a better compiler, the game should be much much more stable and less buggy. Next update should have:

-A flee button in battles
-A 'repair all' button
-Better explosion/destruction effects


CW_Alpha_24072018.exe 33 MB
Jul 24, 2018

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